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May 14, 2006

Have you seen TV6 news recently? It's all about goodlooks and sex now because they have added two new newsreaders Cherise D'Abadie and Samantha Joseph.
Cherise is a buxom beauty with wonderful enunciation but it's hard to appreciate her pronunciation skills when you are focused on her more obvious assets. But having seen her a month or so now I think she has the ability to impress.

Certainly Colleen Holder has grown into her role and now, is arguably the best television news reader in Trinidad and Tobago. So it would not be a great surprise if Cherise becomes more of a journalist and less of just a pretty face on television.

With the expanding news format of afternoon, evening and late evening news TV6 clearly needed a third news anchor and they seem to have settled on radio personality Sammy Jo. But of course that name is a bit too adolescent for the seriousness of news so she has reverted to her birth name of Samantha Joseph. Samantha cut her teeth on radio and recently got a break on Synergy TV as an entertainment correspondent but as of last week she has hit the big time.

She has done well so far but as with any woman of the fairer complexion is obsessed with using red lipstick and that is a real turnoff to most viewers. But tonight on the Sunday news she has discarded the bright red for a light pink and that's the best decision she has made all week.

So, there we go, two beautiful women have been added to our newscasts and I am not complaining. Are you?
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  • At 1:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    What a dumb ass blog. You started by saying they have gone from brains to beauty, but the ASSumtion is that beauty and brains cant co exist in those girls. Cherise is quite intelligent and it comes across in her reading of the news. You yourself hinted at it. I guess my point is u start the blog as though "oh lord here we go copyin Yankees" when in fact they are articulate and gorgeous women. Steupz indeed.

  • At 9:48 am, Blogger steups

    I said the accent is on beauty, which is not an assumption because there are many less attractive women who report on many of the stations who would have loved to be the anchor.

    Nowhere have I said you cannot be beautiful and intelligent but maybe you wanted to make a point and dit did not matter what I wrote or inferred.

  • At 4:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    So in other words, the fact that these girls are hot and smart means that TV6 could not possibly have started out looking for a smart girl and the beauty came too, it has to be the reverse. I had no point to make, but I watch tv6 news and think highly of most of them, but the whole point of your "blog" is lost.
    From the same blog you wrote! YOUR QUOTES! -1. "Have you seen TV6 news recently? It's all about goodlooks and sex now because they have added two new newsreaders Cherise D'Abadie and Samantha Joseph." 2. "So, there we go, two beautiful women have been added to our newscasts and I am not complaining. Are you?" Get it? Neither does anyone else, me included.

    When you want to put a blog online, it helps to have a point or to actually come to a conclusion, not to just write pure stupidness, which is what u did. Nothing personal, but anyone can sense can see this "blog" is a joke. As I said, stick to a point. Now you see, if the content of your blog was "they have gone the route of beauty while sacrificing for talent" that is one thing, but after your big premise of sex and beauty and how this is like the US etc etc, you yourself basically end with......"and they good too" - ZERO point

    Is like you decided half way that your point was nonsense.

    I agree fully.

  • At 6:55 pm, Blogger steups

    Ha, well I may be biased but I don't think the blog is stupid or a joke. Although I have not written for a long while so maybe I forgot if it is -what you described.

    Anyway, it appears to me that your true concern is that the nexus between the Title and the article is either non-existent or tenuous.
    If I am right, and it is difficult to extract your point from the insults, then I don't think that's much for you to be concerned about.

    Regardless, it is rare that the blog is blessed with a comment that seems to emanate from a stable mind, so I am grateful for that.
    Enjoy the 'long' weekend.

  • At 2:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    Cherise D'Abadie is beautiful but she is also extremely bright, intelligent and articulate. She is a longtime favorite of mine. As a foreigner who has spent a considerable amount of time in Trinidad and Tobago, I find the combination of beauty and brains quite common in T&T. Carla Foderingham also comes immediately to mind. Indeed, I find your comment about Ms. D'Abadie patently offensive. She proved herself as a producer at Gayelle.

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